Cats And Water – Match Made In Heaven Or Recipe For Disaster?


There is a firm belief that cats hate water. But the truth is, they actually don’t hate water that much. Cats only hate it when they are wet, but not because they hate water, they just don’t like being wet.

If a cat has a thick coat, and their fur gets wet, then their coat becomes so much heavier. Who wants a heavy load, right? A cat’s fur is like a woolen jacket. It may be light when it is dry but becomes very heavy when it is wet.

Cats may develop trauma from different life experiences. A fear of water may be because of something that happened to them when they were young, for example, the way a pet parent bathes them may have caused some trauma.

If a pet parent baths their cat in a way that they are covered in water, the cat may have the awful feeling of drowning. Since they feel helpless in this situation and with their coat being very heavy when wet, they may develop a lifetime fear of water.


See? Cats don’t really hate water. It is more of a feeling of being unsafe and insecure around it. If your cat feels uneasy towards the water, don’t force them. Taking a bath can be very traumatic. Cats have their own way of staying clean and grooming themselves, so taking a bath shouldn’t be an absolute necessity.

Interestingly, not all cats fear water, some even love it. So, why is that, I hear you ask?

Well, they haven’t experienced the type of trauma I have described above. Some cats are curious about the water and see it as a bit of a play thing. My cat, Boots, “helps” me when I do the laundry, especially when I might be washing something by hand. He helps by swiping at the running water from the tap, splashing me in the process. I think he finds that very amusing.

Check out the video below from Better Homes and Gardens and see how cats and water can mix.[mashshare]

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