So Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much? 4 Reasons That Will Blow Your Socks Off.


You probably know that cats are flexible and they surely love to be in tight spaces. Give a cat a box – of any size, any color, or any shape, as long as they can fit, then it’s theirs. Even if they don’t fit, they will usually give a good old try. Check out the video where this cute little kitten is trying to fit itself into a box. All I can say is lucky they don’t suffer from claustrophobia!

I found this video on a Facebook page called Photocats, a very popular site with lots of cute videos like this one. But it got me thinking … what is it with a box that makes your cat go nuts over it? Do they really love it or is it that curiosity is getting the better of them?

Science hasn’t fully unmasked this mystery about cats, but some theories can perhaps shed some light on the topic. One theory about this behavior is that cat uses the box as a hiding place in order to wait to catch its prey.

Another theory stems from the fact that cats are often referred to as being an anti-social animal. They use their box to retreat and be alone from any other creature in their surroundings, and this closed box enables them to do it easily. As one of the most cute and lazy creatures, cats tend to avoid any physical or social activity. They tend to run away and hide to avoid problems and conflicts, and these boxes surely gives them a place to run to. If you like call it their “safe zone”. We all have a place that can give us comfort and security and for cats, it’s their box.


Then there is always the, “If I fit, I will sit” principle. This may be one of the better known reasons why they love their boxes so much. Cats tend to sleep, rest or play in a place where they can fit their whole body. They use a box as their playroom, and also, as their resting space.

Lastly, cats love warm places. They find something or somewhere that will help warm their body. A box can offer this as it is snug and enclosed to keep in the warmth.

So why do you think your cat loves their box? Is it because it’s warm? Comfortable? A good hiding place? Or, just because they love to play in it? Cats can be one of the hardest pets to understand. Whatever it is that makes them love it, keeping a box around the house will give them joy and pleasure to you as well while you watch them discover.[mashshare]

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