I Bet You Didn’t Know Why Cats Do That?


While trawling the internet, I came across this YouTube video by Odd But True called, “10 Weird Cat Behaviors Finally Explained”. I thought it was quite good, so I thought it might make a good topic for an article on our site.

Have you ever wondered why cats like to rub their heads/faces on you and even appear to head-butt you? Are they just being nasty, showing off their aggression? Or, is there a much more amicable reason why they do this?

What about those sudden burst of energy, like they are running away from something, or chasing something that isn’t there … or is it? Then there is the complete opposite, where kitty will just lay there, on its back, spread-eagle – on display to the whole world … or at least your world.

Cats love to get to know you, just like they like you to get to know them. The most common way they do this is to point their butt at you – maybe you need to do the same back to them! Hey, and what about those times when a cat will wiggle it’s back-side before pouncing on some poor unsuspecting toy, or a stray hand, leg or head.


Then, there are those moments when your cat starts to give you a massage  –  just what you need after a long hard day at work.  When they have finished, or perhaps you get sick of it, then there is a strong chance your kitty will go and make itself nice and comfortable  –  laying on your stuff, like your computer keyboard, your Ipad or even that good book you were reading.

Why does your cat sometimes ignore the food put down in from of them, and choose to catch some rodent and chew on that instead? Sometimes they will even bring you their catch as a gift  –  nice!

Finally, the video takes a look at your kitty’s litter-tray habits and gives us a great explanation of why cats like to cover up their mess, and why sometimes they keep it uncovered. Then the video ends with why cats sleep so much. Is it because they are lazy? Mmmm … maybe.

This is a great video which I encourage you to watch  –  it will certainly bring a smile to your face, but more importantly … answer those nagging questions about  –  why does my cat do that? [mashshare]

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