3 Common Reasons Why Cats Rub Themselves Against You That I Bet Not Many People Know


One, very common behavior of most cats is when they rub themselves especially their face, on different things including people. So why is this behavior so common? Check out the video and listen to TV Vet, Dr Melissa Meehan explain why.

Cats have multiple scent glands in and around their body called Pheromones. These scent glands are located mostly in their tails, the side of their body and most especially around their face and nose. They use pheromones as a communicating device. They rub themselves against you and other things so that they can both leave their scent and also to receive other scents. Pheromones are unique, just like fingerprints. For cats, this serves as their Identity.

Rubbing on Stuff. Cats are territorial, they tend to rub on things to leave their mark on it. The scent that they are leaving behind is marking their territory. But, you will also see them smell it before rubbing themselves on it. In this way, they are checking whether the territory has already taken by other cats. For bigger cats, this may also mean being superior to others.

Rubbing on other cats or even animals. This is their way of asking, “Are you part of this family, let me know your smell to know if you can enter this territory.” Cats can be a security guard in our homes. If your cat is rubbing itself on another person or animal which is a member of the family, it can be their way of identifying it or showing affection. If it is a stranger, the most common reason why they do it is to show greetings and to know its scent. From this they can also sense whether this stranger is friendly or not. Another reason why a cat rubs itself on another cat is to show its affection and that it is interested in mating.


Rubbing on People. As mentioned above, cats rub themselves on people as a form of greeting and affection. Cats can’t talk, so the best way to communicate with us is to use body language to tell you something.  Cats sometimes rub against its owner when asking for a favor, like “It’s time to feed me”. This is your cat’s way of catching your attention. If you find your cat doing this to you, ask yourself, “What does my cat want?” They could be just wanting some cuddle time, or maybe they want to be fed.

This act of rubbing themselves against things and people is a cat’s way of feeling comfortable and safe. Smelling his/her own scent on a particular place gives it reassurance from familiarity. It’s also their way of communicating with us. As a cat parent, always be aware of your cat’s gestures, etc. Learn to communicate with them even without words, and trust me, everything will be purrfect for the both of you.[mashshare]

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