3 Amazing Tactics Your Cat Uses to Wake You Up, And For What Reason?


When your cat wants you awake, they will try all sorts of tactics to get you up. Check out this video compilation that I found on Youtube, by AwesomeHouseFun. In this compilation, see a number of different methods these cats employ to wake their cat parents.

3 popular techniques that cats use are:

Taking your sheets off. This might be one of the trickiest techniques for your cat. Taking off a sheet can really be hard work for them. Imagine them taking off a big piece of cloth just to wake you up and tell you to feed them already because they’re hungry. “Hey, wake up! It’s urgent! All of the food in my bowl is GONE!!”  Poor cats, lots of work just to be fed.

I touch you method. In this method, cats use their cute naughty paws to tap you in the face. This may result in a sneezing attack (because of the fur), or could be a bit painful if they decide to use their sharp claws, accidentally or on purpose. If you’re lucky enough, your cat might just rub its head on you to show affection and wake you up that way. At least, he told you he loves you first before interrupting your sleep.


Meowww.. Wake up, please. This may be the most classic way of waking up their owner. They will come near you and start meow-ing over and over again until they manage to wake you up. Imagine a cat singing to you,  “Hello from the other side, I should’ve meowed a thousand times.” (Sorry Adele)

So, why is it that cats seem to like to wake us up? Surely, it’s not because they don’t want us to sleep in and be late for school or work? No, probably not. It’s not about us … it’s all about them!

First of all, they’re hungry. They can’t get their own food so who will? Of course, it will be you, their loving owner. They’ll wake you up so that you can prepare their breakfast – oh, and if you like you can get yourself some breakfast AFTER that.

Secondly, they just want to get your attention. Cats love to play with things, to see what will happen if they touch it. So, just like with a toy, if you move when they touch your nose (or something) while sleeping, cats are entertained and amused by this. They will do it all over again or even try something new.

Third, for social interaction, they just love to seek attention from you and it is a real bonus if you respond.

Fourth, they are bored.

… and lastly, they just want to tease you. Remember, cats are smart. You may have done something wrong during the day and so they spend the whole afternoon plotting their revenge. Deprivation of sleep can be one of the hardest torture for pet parents and cats can successfully implement it.

Cats love playing with us and they get very lonely especially if you are out all day. They want your attention so even while you sleep, they might try to wake you up just to spend some time with you. I know it may be hard, but, avoid scolding them, they only want your time. Try and see the bright side of it. Owning a cat comes with responsibility, but it can be oh so much fun.[mashshare]

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