He’s About To Do It, His Owner Yells STOP! So, What Does He Do?


If you haven’t already seen this video, then you have got to! In it there is this cat who is casually walking across a coffee table, checks out the TV remote and then casually knocks it to the floor.

Next there is a drinking glass sitting on the coffee table, a nice looking one too – looks expensive! “Ahhh” thinks Mr Cat, “now let’s see if this will bounce or not”.

Of course, then we are left briefly on the edge of our seats wondering, “Is he going to do it? … or is he going to be a nice kitty?”. Meanwhile, the cat’s owner is screaming “No No No Nooooo” to try and stop the cat from “tossing” the glass onto, what sounds to be possibly, a tiled floor.

Will he? … Or won’t he? … as we sit there in suspense.


Don’t you just love how cats seem to have no regard or respect for our prized possessions? If it gets in the way then just shove it over the edge.  Some say their cats just do it to spite them – almost like they are playing a game with you, or exercising some form of revenge – for what? Maybe that one time you took too long to feed them or change their kitty litter.

This cat is a real character. He looks directly at his owner, who is holding the camera, so it is like he is looking straight at us, as if to say “You talking to me”, you can almost imagine him saying it in that Robert De Niro voice (from the 1976 film Taxi Driver).

The video even has a great soundtrack added to it for effect. You’ve got to check it out![mashshare]

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