This Is A Cool Way To Win The Jackpot With Your Cat


Can you imagine your cat saying, “JACKPOT” every time you gave them a treat? It’s probably one of a pet parent’s goals to see their precious kitty with that “JACKPOT” look in its eyes.

This video from Jackson Galaxy is on Youtube and it gives pet owners advice on how to get that Jackpot treat for their precious cats. Here’s how he explains it.

Firstly, what does the term “jackpot” mean for a cat? The term Jackpot Treat is your cat’s favorite protein based treat. Basically meats, fish, etc. It must have no additives, no sugar or anything nasty. It is the type of food that makes your cat go wild about it. It’s the type of food that, as a wild cat, they search for it its whole life.

But how do you find that Jackpot Treat?


Well, you won’t know what they are crazy about if your cat is full. Just like what Jackson Galaxy said in his video, “If your cat is not hungry, Jackpot won’t exist.” Avoid pre-feeding. If you treat it with the same type of food that you give it every day, your cat may lose its “jackpot mojo” and not be interested. When they are hungry, it is the best time to give them that treat.

When feeding your cat, you have an ideal opportunity to teach them something. Who said cats can’t be trained! You can promote good behavior when you give them treats in response to some acceptable action that your cat does – just be careful not to reward the cat’s unacceptable behavior. By doing this, you can teach them a lot of things and communicate with them just by using treats.

A great example of a Jackpot treat is, freeze dried meat and fish products. Eating freeze-dried meat can be very healthy for your cats. You can purchase these treats from a number of good pet food retailers. But, make sure it is preservative-free, no artificial colors, etc.

As a pet parent, keep in your mind that when giving treats to your kitty, it is important to “keep the momentum going” as Jackson says.  Always have a reserve supply of treats available for when it run out. This helps to keep that momentum going and reinforces the cat’s learning.

So, as stated in the video, your task should you choose to accept it is to find that perfect jackpot treat for your kitty. Different cats have different taste preferences so do not assume that all cats have the same favorite jackpot treat. This is where you have to learn! If you already know what it is, then good for you. But if not, don’t worry, keep trying different things until you find that Jackpot prize for your kitty.[mashshare]

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