Should You Be Worried When Your Cat Vomits?


A very disconcerting situation is when you discover you cat vomiting or has vomited. The causes of a cat vomiting are very similar to what causes humans to do the same. Vomiting is natural for cats especially when they are expelling their hairballs, but chronic vomiting may be a sign of an illness or disorder.

It could simply be that they ate something that disagreed with their stomach. However, it is not always about the food they eat, this may also be a sign of a more serious condition. But, first of all, what are the simple reasons why cats vomit?

Cats Vomit Because Of The Food They Eat.

Cats can have a very sensitive stomach. They may eat something you serve, or something they have caught, which may be accepted by our little feline stomach. If you’re feeding your cat something for the first time, give them a small amount first to find out whether it will be accepted or not. If your cat shows no symptoms or signs that it rejects the food you have given it, then you can give it some more. If not, do your cat a favor and avoid feeding it to them.


If your cat is sick from eating something that they have caught, then look to see what you can do to prevent them from having a similar “hunting” experience by maybe putting a collar with a bell on them. Their prey will run for the hills when they here kitty coming.

Over-Playful Friend

Too much of anything may be harmful. Vomiting may be caused by too much eating or too much playtime after eating. Your cat may experience vomiting just by too much activity especially after eating. If you just finished feeding your feline friend, learn to control the activity they do, especially playing, because playing too much may be very bad for them. Hyperactivity may disrupt its digestive method and may cause vomiting.

Gastrointestinal Or Body Dysfunction

There are also some cases that a cat may experience vomiting because of internal problems. Your kitty may be vomiting a lot because of gastrointestinal infections and bacteria. When your cat is experiencing Chronic Vomiting, vomiting with blood, with matching weight loss and dehydration, you may want to consult your veterinarian for advice and possible medication and treatments.

Vomiting may be just a normal response of the cat or just a normal detoxification, unless, in some other instances, this may be a cause of a more serious infection. Checking with your veterinarian may not hurt and may prevent a much more serious problem from developing. Follow your instincts as wonderful pet-parents. If you think that you may have to check the with veterinarian, then do so. The following video from Howcast explores the area of cats vomiting a bit further, with some great advice.

As a pet-parent, you are the one who can tell whether your cat has changed, especially in body structure and mood. Do not ignore the signs. Keep your furry friend  healthy and happy.[mashshare]

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