Get This … And Your Cat Will Adore You


This is the first book review that we’ve done here at WeRCats! But, I loved this book so much I wanted to share it with you all. It is called How To Make Your Cat Adore You by Dr R.J. Peters.

Firstly, a little about Dr Peters. She is a certified feline behaviorist with 16 years experience handling more than 1000 cats. After retiring from a 25-year career in alternative health care, she established an animal rescue shelter in 2002 and was its director for five years. As a published author with more than a dozen books available on Amazon as well as her websites, she now focuses on helping people understand their cats through continued publishing of information and personal consulting with pet owners. You can visit her website at:

So, how many times have you been scratched or bitten by your cat? What about if kitty decides to defecate or spray on your favorite rug? It’s so damn annoying, not to mention painful. What is your usual first reaction? Anger? What do you do next? Does it seem to work – or does kitty do it time and time again?

I guess getting angry, or whatever you are doing doesn’t seem to be working then. You probably simply resign yourself to believing that your little furry monster is one nasty son-of-a-fang and claw machine. No way in the world is that cat capable of loving me!


It is very likely that this belief is the very thing that makes your cat behave that way. Introducing … How To Make Your Cat Adore You.

This book explores the notion that cats really do have emotions. It’s a matter of understanding your cat. Once this happens, or you get better at it, you will be rewarded with the adoration you thought would never happen. It’s not that it isn’t in them to adore us – it’s just that it hasn’t been in some people to recognize it.

The book takes you through, step-by-step from understanding how cats show love, including the physical and emotional aspects of affection; to what motivates your cat and what are the best games to play with your cat and even how to massage them effectively.  Dr Peters introduces us to the L.O.V.E. technique where each of the four letters of LOVE stands for a special behavior or concept that will truly lead to love, but only if you truly believe in yourself, your cat, and can utilize each step sincerely.

“L” is for Listen – that’s right listen to your cat. “O” is for Observe – watching your cat, observing their behaviors. “V” is for value – Value your pet. This “V” also includes things like Veterinary care and Validity. Finally, the “E” is for Enlighten or Educate – that is, educating yourself about cats in general and your cat specifically.

The book has a very easy-to-read 117 pages of awesome advice, so we have barely scratched the surface here. You should get it for yourself.

As a very special offer to our readers, we have been able to secure the e-book just for you for less than half the normal price of $17.  You can get it right here for just $7.99(USD)!

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the ebook. Download it now if you need it … it’s totally free.[mashshare]

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